House Lifting & Raising in Sebring

In case your house is situated at a point where water collides with your foundation and damages it, you should fix the sloping problem. Compared to grading a yard, raising a house won’t allow the house to be eroded or damaged by water.

Our company, Foundation Repair Sebring, uses several excellent specialized foundation systems and established elevation techniques to raise homes in a safe and cost-effective way. If this process is effective, it will depend on the flood map that was revised, or on the local ordinance. We offer helical systems like Sandy Brackets to homeowners who want to raise their homes.

Our Proven Lifting & Raising Solutions

As a result of LRE Foundation Repair of Sebring’s lifting method, homes are never detached from their foundations or moved off of their footprints. Traditional lifting is much more invasive. As a result, it is safer than traditional lifting.

Some of the other benefits of our method are:

  • You do not need to leave your home weeks before you move out or weeks after you move out. Local officials and utilities work together so that homeowners only have to leave for a few weeks instead of months.
  • “Sustainable Solution” means recycling existing timber resources after harvest to a higher standard, rather than producing new ones.

Sandy Bracket’s helical brackets serve as secure foundations for grade beams connected to them. Concrete-based wind-proof houses are therefore significantly more wind-resistant than lumber-framed houses.

Flood Protection

In suburbs near water, the majority are either freshwater zones, wetlands, or properties on a low plateau or along the shore. It is most often necessary to elevate or move the house away from areas of high water. You can get assistance from us if you’ve been flooded or if you’d like to prevent another flood from occurring. Houselifting is also a way to reduce other impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise and flooding.

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